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Instruction in gymnastics is given by me at Or Tokaev in Los Angeles, CA. You can train with me—a former Olympic gymnast. During my years of competition, I was known as Svetlana Or Tokaev. For many years, I loved competing in gymnastics. Today, I love teaching it and coaching gymnasts who want to move on to competitions.

Gymnastics is a performance sport with complex exercises requiring every male and female gymnast to possess the following attributes:

• Physical Strength
• Flexibility
• Coordination
• Agility
• Power
• Grace
• Balance
• Control

Women’s artistic gymnastic events involve uneven bars, the balance beam, vault, and floor exercises. Other gymnastic disciplines include acrobatic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, the trampoline, and my specialty—rhythmic gymnastics.

I have spent many years teaching young girls and coaching groups. Learning the basic building blocks of gymnastics is where it all begins. Whether you are a young girl or young adult, the basics do not change. There are many gymnastic events to learn, and as your private gymnastics training progresses, I will introduce them to you. The events I teach are:

• Vault
• Uneven Bars
• Balance Beam
• Floor Exercise
• Trampoline
• Tumbling
• Rhythmic Gymnastics

It takes concentration, self-confidence, and body awareness to be a gymnast. Whether you possess any of these attributes at first or not, these classes will help you develop them.

If you are ready to pursue a career in gymnastics or take an adventure to learn the basics, I am here to offer private gymnastics training at Or Tokaev, in Los Angeles, CA.

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